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ERM leaf filters offer tremendous advantages to running water fish farms. Positioned in, or across the point of entry of the main inlet channel, they will automatically screen the farm from all debris, and fish, according to the selected mesh size. 


Reliable, automatic operation 
No screen waste 
Low power consumption (0.25kW) 
Easy installation 
Peace of mind ! 

The mechanism is elegantly simple.  Untreated water passes into the mouth of the inclined, tapered screen drum.  Screened water passes through the mesh and on to the fish farm.  The rotating drum sheds adhering debris back into the water, and it is carried to the downstream end of the drum and out.  The debris either passes straight through the machine back into the river (when positioned across the inlet channel) or through a side outlet pipe to waste where the machine sits in the supply channel.  The amount of water passing to waste through the machine can be changed in seconds by varying the angle of inclination of the drum.  Indeed, it is possible to evacuate dry waste to a trough by this method, if desired.
A low-pressure, rinsing system is an available option where algae and fine water weeds are prevalent.
The first UK Leaf Filter !
Installed at Old Forge Trout Farm,  Wales, October 1999, by the pioneering Mr Scott Davidson !
Leaves and twigs are the main debris, so it was not necessary to fit a spray bar.  The leaves, etc, are directed straight back into the river through the pipe leading from the box at the end of the filter.  The water is flowing from right to left.
Metal components (including the screen) are made of high grade stainless steel (304 / 316 / 316Ti).  Mesh apertures are available from 1 to more than 20mm.
Leaf filters can be supplied for sites which are subject to seasonal flooding.  By replacing the electric drive motor with a hydraulic one, the machine can operate even when fully submerged.  The machine in the photographs below is installed at such a site.  This type of machine offers the special advantage that the debris runs straight through the machine, and never enters the supply channel.  Consequently, no debris management is needed, nor spray bar.

New! Combined Leaf Filter and Microstrainer

The model illustrated (right) is fitted with a 100micron screen (others available)

Fitted with a high pressure spray bar (not shown) this filter is able to eject leaves, and other contained debris, through the end box outlet.

As with all ERM filters, can be made in a range of size and screen options

For more information on any of the above  Leaf Filters, contact us