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Pipe Pumps

Axial flow pumps for the highest effciency moving of high volumes of water at low pressure heads (the difference in water level between the source and destination).
This range of high flow water pumps comes in both submersible and surface versions

3pipepumpsrunning.jpg pipepumps.jpg 
Demonstration of submersible Pipe Pumps Submersible Pipe Pumps
 Pipe pump, dry version

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New – Universal Pump

This new, highly versatile pump has many uses on the fish farm

Pump Water
Pump Sludge
Use for Cleaning Ponds

 blockage-free for solids up to 55mm !
rated IP68 – submersible, fully and continuously

 change the pump attitude to pump down to a depth of a few millimetres
  2 sizes: flows up to 700 lpm or 1,400 lpm
ratings: 2.2kW / 230v or 2.7kW / 400v
 fully portable: compact, weight 29kg unipumplinediag2_copy.jpg
 central carrying handle, stainless steel frame with cable storage unipumplinediag3_copy.jpg