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NEW Scareheron

 New and highly-effective device 
 to scare away herons, cormorants…
scareheron  works in three ways:
• by instantly inflating
• by light signal
• by sound signal

We have a temporary link for the video:

The whole device is mounted in a container. Naturally, this container is suitable for use outside and is protected against the elements.
You only have to put the scareheron on your pond installation and weight it down – and it immediately, reliably, scares away all feathered predators. To increase the effectiveness of scareheron, its location should be changed from time to time.
The controller for scareheron is located in the bottom of the container. It is quick and easy to adjust the scaring mode according to your preferences (for example, silent mode, for use at night).
The scareheron is delivered in either 12 V or 230 V versions. The 230 V version is delivered with cable and plug and so is immediately ready for operation. For the 12 V version, a battery is required, which is simply put into the bottom of the container and then connected (power consumption of scareheron up to 2,5 A per day).
See the short video See just how effective scareheron is !.
Are you going to stand by and watch birds eat all of your fish ?!