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Make sure that your fish are getting the right amount of food, as often as they need it !

Profi-Feeders (10, 20, 40 and 60kg food capacity) dispense food to the fish whenever they want it, 24 hours a day.

Fish soon learn to nudge the pendulum, and release a set amount of food. This can be adjusted to suit the size of pellet and appetite. With proper adjustment, this results in excellent growth and minimum food wastage.

The feeders can be mounted in a cradle and fixed to a landing stage or swivel-arm, for convenience

Our feeders are an inexpensive way to save labour, and give your fish the optimum feed regime ! 


Profi Automatic Feeder – 5kg 

 At last – LINN has developed an alternative to clockwork feeders

5kgfryfeeder1.jpg5kgfryfeeder2.jpg 5kgfryfeeder3.jpg 5kgfryfeedertimer.jpg 
 complete with
stainless steel holder 
 convenient, hinged lid hang over tank, raceway
or pond
 new, to-the-second timer 


The new LINN-Automatic Feeder has many applications, including:

 Fry feeding

  • Feeding of koi and ornamental fish
  • hobby ponds

At an unbeatable price! 

The special mechanism of the new feeder has been taken from the established Profi Automatic Feeder, a success for many years. This mechanism ensures that the food is delivered to the fish in the required quantities, intact, and without dusting. The food is delivered by a ‘portioning finger’, which is driven by a 230V geared motor. The feeding rate is about 100g per minute – according to the feed quality and size. The feeder can accept feed sizes from fry feed up to 9mm.

 The problems and disadvantages of clockwork feeders, where humidity causes the feed to stick together and go mouldy, are solved. Feeding is programmed to take place intermittently as required. Thus fish don’t stay below the feeder, as they would do below clockwork feeders which feed continuously. The hopper capacity is 5kg, so can store enough for several days, and the feed level is visible from outside. For convenience, the lid is attached by a hinge to the hopper. A stainless-steel ring cradle (length 25cm) is available as an optional extra.

 A completely new timer control (at the end of the 10 cable) has been developed for this feeder. This enables feeds to be set to the second. The clock has been designed to be user-friendly. With a main button and the buttons “+” or “-“, all feeds can be set quickly and easily. It is only necessary to set the start and end of feeding, the required number of feeds, and the total feeding time (minutes or seconds) per day. The feeding programme is then created automatically ! This timer control offers the convenience of being able to take into account growth of the fish and raise the feed ration, daily, accordingly. It couldn’t be more convenient !


Profi Automatic Feeder


Until now, feeding fry has been difficult.  Pendulum and vibratory feeders are not very suitable, due to the small particle size of fry feeds.  Alternatively, clockwork feeders offer an apparent solution.  However, in the presence of humidity, the feed sticks to the large surface area of the belt, and fungus grows.  Consequently, a lot of labour is required to keep it running.  In addition, the clockwork mechanism has to be wound up daily.
The LINN company has solved these problems with the new PROFI Automatic feeder.  The special mechanism of the feeder ensures that the food is delivered to the fish, intact, without dusting, and in the required quantities.  The ration is dispensed by portioning fingers, that are operated by a 230v geared motor.  The portion of feed depends on the feed particle size.  For example, 50g for 0.5mm feed.  The feed quantity is identical with every feed !  It is possible to feed controllably and reliably with this innovation !  The food slides easily and there are no spaces in which moisture can form.
The adjustment of the feeding rate is easy with the integral timer, from intervals of one minute and longer.  So, once the feeder has been adjusted, it is possible to continue feeding automatically for several days without any problems.  Changing the feeding intervals is also quick and easy.

There are 2 different models available, according to the feed quantity and particle size:

Model 1 for fry feed and smaller amounts of feed.
Model 2 for larger feed amounts.

Further details in the table
This new feeding mechanism has been combined with 4 sizes of PE food hopper (10, 20, 40 and 60 kg capacity)
Each feeder comes complete with lid, motor and portioning mechanism, 10m of cable, and plug with digital timer.


• suitable for fry feed
• exact portion size and feed intervals
• easy adjustment
• Convenient hopper sizes (10/20/40 or 60 kg)
• no feed caking (internal mechanism)
• reliable feeding over several days, no wind-up clockworks mechanisms or similar!

Feeding Rate Capacities

Feed particle size


Profi Automatic
Model 1
Profi Automatic
Model 2
 0.3 – 0.550   —
 1.0 – 1.260   —
 4.5 — 660

  pdf download

Profi Automatic Feeder with blower

This feeder works like the Profi Automatic Feeder, but it can now blow and spread the food.
This new version is fitted with a powerful blower (500 Watt), which disperses the feed onto the surface of the raceway or pond. This distributes the feed more widely, and ensures more even growth of the fish. The feed is spread across the pond up to a maximum distance of 5 m. Profi Automatic with Blower guarantees a maintenance-free and trouble-free operation and virtually abrasion free feed distribution (in contrast to centrifugal discs).
Profi Automatic with Blower is now available in four sizes: 10 / 20 / 40 or 60 kg, working with 230 V mains voltage. All sizes are fitted with 10 m of cable and the highly acclaimed LINN-feeding timer – they are plug and play! Full details of the LINN timer are on page 39
This feeder works with fry feed up to 7mm.
The smaller sizes (10 and 20 kg) come complete with a stainless steel plate stand. This enables the feeder to be positioned around your pond on a flat surface. The bigger sizes (40 and 60 kg) come complete with a stainless steel stand.

A flexible hose (2m long) is available, at extra cost, as an optional extra if it is preferred to site the feeder back from the pond, out of sight.


20kg Model 60kg Model

Profi feed sprayer

The use of higher quality feeds in fish farming demands better feeding technique. Optimal growth of fish and optimal use of feed is only possible with exact rationing of feed, waste-free feeding and multiple daily feeds. It is difficult and expensive to achieve these objectives with manual feeding. In addition, automatic feeding considerably reduces working hours and it makes the work easier!


As a result, LINN manufacturing has developed the new Profi-feed sprayer. With this device it is possible to spread the feed into the pond without waste. The feed is put into the air-stream of a powerful blower and with the assistance of this air-stream it is distributed across the pond up to a distance of 8m. The LINN feed sprayer guarantees a maintenance-free and trouble-free operation and virtually abrasion free feed distribution (in contrast to centrifugal discs).
The Profi-feed sprayer is suitable for feed of 2-6mm. The portioning finger at the outlet of the feed container (specially developed for this use) guarantees a consistent portion, and free flow of the feed. Clogging is virtually impossible. At the outlet of the feed container is a meter with a scale. Thus, it is possible to adjust the size of the feed pellet quickly and easily, even when the hopper is full.


The feed silos for 120 and 200 kg have been redesigned. The square shape facilitates easy, problem-free filling ( assisted by a fork-lift truck, if desired ). The lid is opened manually, and a gas shock absorber conveniently holds it open. In addition there is a stainless steel frame inside in the top of the hopper. This prevents any packaging falling with the food into the hopper.
All feed sprayers are supplied with a stainless steel frame, facilitating handling around the site.
The Profi feed sprayer is available with different controller options. All versions work with  230 V mains voltage and need only a common socket for the blower and control. So they are plug and play!. The standard version of the feed sprayer comes with a timer. This SPS  timer is protected by a robust casing sited next to the feed hopper.  If preferred, it is possible to have several hoppers controlled by a centralised controller. Adjustments are easy. The feeding interval and duration are set with two buttons. There is an additional on/off button to turn the sprayer off completely.   Thus, it is possible to control the amount of feed and the number of feedings.




These feeders are valuable in other, not purely fish farming applications.  For example, Mr Robert Hales, owner of RH Fisheries (www. bought a 200 kg capacity spray feeder for use at his 1 acre stock pond for fast-growing carp.  He has been delighted with the ability to control feeding automatically.  This means he has been able to feed his valuable carp with the feed ration and regularity they need to grow to their full potential, yet fill the feeder only once a fortnight !’

He says, “Without doubt, the feed sprayer is the best single piece of equipment that I have bought for the fishery.  I can load the feeder up, adjust to the required feed pattern, then go on holiday for 2 weeks if I want to, knowing the fish will get fed correctly” 

Profi feed sprayer
with weighing capability

 This new LINN feed sprayer is equipped with a robust, waterproof stainless steel weighing cell, and so has the most convenient and precise feeding possibilities!
LINN manufacturing introduces this groundbreaking innovation:
Decentralized feed hoppers with individual weight sensitivity and control!

 Because the feed is weighed, calculation of the required feed amount from the dispensing time is no longer necessary.  The feed sprays exactly the required weight of feed per day, regardless of the size and manufacture of the feed.  Switching between feed types and pellet sizes is quick and easy.

 The standard version of the Profi feed sprayer with weighing capability is set by the control (described above) next to the feed hopper. Only the required feeding times and the feed weight (per day) need to be adjusted. The rest will be done automatically. The display by the container shows the set feeding times on the right and on the left the remaining feed in the hopper, as well as the set feed amount per day (of course, this is also possible as a centralized control for several containers ).

 Technical specification


CapacitySizeFilling level 
60kg                        Ø56cm 105cm 
120 kg 70x70cm 85cm 
200 kg 74x74cm 115cm 

pdf download