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OxyPlus oxygen-enrichment for stock ponds, holding systems, and fish hatcheries. Dissolve pure oxygen most efficiently !


Pure oxygen has become an extremely useful tool in modern aquaculture, particularly in the production of trout and salmon. 
The efficient transfer of oxygen to the rearing water can give many advantages: 

*   Increased growth  = greater production 
*   Improved feed conversion  = lower feed bills 
*   Reduced stress, and better health  =  reduced medication bills, mortalities 
*   greater production capacities at lower water throughput  =  safety margin during drought conditions 
The OxyPlus oxygen enrichment system was developed and tested extensively on a commercial trout farm, and has proved to be very reliable. It is widely considered to be the most efficient on the market, with hundreds of machines sold since it’s launch in 1997. Independent, comparative tests have resulted in many purchases of the OxyPlus system, and many happy customers !
  Highly-efficient oxygen transfer at low pressure differential (0.1bar). Oxygen-enrichment of 4-10mg per l possible high water throughput
  Available in a range of sizes and capacities (see table)

  Robust construction, yet light and easy to deploy
  Gravity-fed version now available (see table). No need for electrical power !
  No specialist installation required. 


Float, fix, plug-in and go !

Motor rating kW 0.1 0.25   0.55   0.75  
Power take-up kW 0.16   0.4 0.8 1.1 
Voltage  volt230230/400   230/400     230/400 
motor rpm 2900 1400 1400 1400 
Min. operating water depth m 0.9 0.6 0.7 0.7 
Max. O2 enrichment  lpm
Water deliverym3/h 17 50 110 150 
Dimensions cm  Ø 30   Ø105 H110 100 x 105x 120 
Approximate weightkg 20   35 50   50 


OxyPlus Gravity

The gravity-fed range can operate with a minimum hydraulic head from 90cm to as little as 50 cm ! These devices have the same basic mechanism as the motorised versions, but can exploit naturally available pressure heads provided they meet the minimum flow requirements (see table) 

Gravity-fed OxyPlus        Type 1 Type 2   Type 3  Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 
 Minimum water flowlps  1432 42 5 32 42 
  m3/h 50115 150 17 115 150 
 Minimum Hydraulic Head cm50 60 90 50 60 90 
 0xygen enrichment, maxlpm 17 25 17 25 
  m3/h 0.51.0 1.5 0.241.0 1.5 
 dimensionscm Ø105 H110    100 x 105x 120     Ø 30    Ø 65 H max 100 made to required height  

pdf download

                – the new, screen-less clog-free oxygen enrichment system

The OxyWheel oxygen enrichment system is a combination of a brushwheel aerator and an oxygen hood. 
The heart of this system is a new type of enrichment hood made from polyethylene.  The hood has been designed so that it is split into two chambers, a mixing chamber and an outlet chamber.  The outlet chamber serves as a transition zone for gases.  Bubbles of oxygen are detained here, prolonging contact time with the water.  Partition of the two zones ensures excellent mixing and dissolution of oxygen.  The outlet design ensures that oxygen-enriched water is directed away from the machine, thus avoiding short-circuiting.
The slow-moving brushwheels (new design for significantly greater efficiency) work without a screen, thus avoiding clogging and screen maintenance.


OxyWheel is made in two sizes.  The smaller machine has a 0.4 kW motor, and one enrichment hood, whilst the larger machine has a 0.65 kW motor and two hoods.  The paddles are driven by a high quality gear motor, which transmits power with very high efficiency (approximately 95%) to the stainless steel axle.  The unit is equipped with robust polyethylene floats, and can be easily deployed in any pond. 
OxyWheel is delivered ready for use (with motor protector plug and oxygen flow meter).  This enrichment system simply requires connection to the oxygen and electricity supplies, and is effectively “plug and play”.

• High efficiency
• Strong, oxygen-rich discharge
• Virtually non-blocking
• Almost silent
• Light, compact, and easily deployed
• Tried, tested, reliable
• 12 month warranty


Motor Rating   kW 0.40  0.65
Power take up  kw 0.5 0.9
Voltage v 230/400  400
Brush wheelrpm 190  190
Oxygen enrichment, max.lpm
dimensionscm 140 x 100 x 66 140 x 155 x 66

 pdf download  

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