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What is Springflo ?

Springflo (UK patent 2248231) is a unique and highly versatile biofilter medium.  It now has a brand new surface texture, designed to increase the surface available for settling friendly microbes and suspended solids.    Springflo provides a surface on which purifying bacteria will readily grow.  These nitrifying bacteria detoxify the water by converting the harmful ammonia produced by fish into relatively harmless nitrate.

Springflo is a thin plastic ribbon made from a special blend of polypropylene and calcium carbonate.  Our trials show that bacteria grow on this media very quickly (unlike some PVC materials).  This shortens the time for the system or pond to become “mature”. 
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 Springflo is approximately 7mm wide Under the microscope, the ridges + rough texture  
 stdx60bni_copy.gif std_x20_olympus.gif  
 can be seen – part of the secret of its success At high magnification, particles of mineral 
(calcium carbonate) are evident

To maximise the surface area available for bacteria to grow on, the surface is embossed with a fine, wavy groove pattern.   This nearly doubles the surface area for bacteria to grow on.  More bacteria = greater purification capacity.   The surface texture causes drag as water flows over it, helping bacteria and fine particles to settle on it.  

Because this surface is all ‘external’ (rather than part of an internal structure) Springflo is easy to keep clean.
What are the benefits ?
–          functional  
–          the open structure allows for good flow-through of oxygenated water, making an ideal home for a dense population of purifying bacteria
–          no clogging
–          ‘external’ surface (rather than internal structure) makes Springflo easy to clean.       
Pressure washing is unnecessary – just jiggle ‘n’ flush !
–          light and easy to handle (1 sqm of surface weighs less than 90g) no need for heavy duty support
–          flexible fill volume allows for up to 500 sqm per cu m specific surface
–          huge surface area for passive sedimentation
–         retrofits most filters
Small pack size (less than 5% of the volume of the dispensed Springflo !) makes Springflo less bulky for transport, warehousing and shelf display, making space for extra products.
Compare this to sacks of loose-fill media.  Reducing transport effort is kinder to the environment.  
Springflo – Trial Results
There is no point in a product having theoretical benefits, or relying on anecdotal evidence.  So,  Spirex Aquatec commissioned an independent  performance trial.  The company chosen to do this, WEBS Ltd, are the UK’s leading chemical engineers in waste water treatment, acting as consultants to major water treatment companies in the UK.  They are UKAS accredited, meaning that they have to adhere to the strictest standards of laboratory practice.
Performance of Springflo, and another popular medium, Kaldnes, was measured under very carefully controlled conditions.  Their ability to support nitrifying bacteria, and  oxidise  ammonia through nitrite to relatively harmless nitrate, was assessed.
The results show that Springflo was quickest to settle a stable culture of nitrifying bacteria.  Within days, ammonia, and then nitrite came down to very low levels.  Nitrobacter species oxidise toxic nitrite to nitrate and do not adhere well to some, unetched plastic media.  The unique composition of Springflo provides an excellent ‘Nitrobacter-friendly’ surface, as seen by the impressive results.
See for yourself, download a copy of the report here Springflo Trial Report

pdf download

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