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Waste Water Aerators

For monitoring of dissolved oxygen and control, see Aqua-Control One

TURBO-JET – The economical and efficient choice for the aeration and circulation of waste water


 *for Original Equipment Manufacturers 
 *for increasing capacity
 *for complementing existing purification plants
 *bio reactors in purification plants
 *oxygen-enrichment of waste water ponds
 *rain-storage reservoirs


Powerful water-circulation with air-injection for waste water. Turbo-Jet operates silently under the surface of the wastewater. The robust submersible motor with its axial propeller produces an enormous water-circulation with miserly nergy-consumption. The high velocity of the resulting powerful water jet creates a vacuum behind the propeller. Air is drawn from the atmosphere, broken into tiny bubbles and propelled into the jet stream. The fine air-bubbles
have a long residence time underwater, guaranteeing high oxygen transfer. By creating enormous circulation and satisfying the oxygen requirements simply, Turbo-Jet offers ideal conditions for the nitrification and reduction of BOD of effluents. As a result, separate flow makers are unnecessary in most cases. Air flow is controllable for mixing-aeration or mixing only. The Turbo-Jet aeration system offers many benefits, including excellent versatility and exibility. In most cases, Turbo-Jet is supplied preassembled. Any installation that is necessary is minimal, and can be done by the staff of purification plants. Thus, it is also cost-saving. All the equipment is supplied completely wired, ready for operation (standard-type with 380 V CEE-plug with motorprotection – you only have to plug and play). If it is necessary to connect the Turbo-Jet to switch gear it can be supplied with a bare cable end (cable-length
available to requirements). The fitter simply has to connect to the switchgear and eventually to switch the clock relay.



The aeration mechanism

The active component of the Turbo-Jet aeration system is the aeration mechanism. At its heart is the robust submersible motor (Protection IP 68). All materials are of high quality and heavy duty for the tough environment of wastewater. The motor casing is made from grey cast (GG 25) and is robust and solid. The motor shaft and screws are stainless steel. The sealing mechanism of the motor is a slide-gasket in an oil-bath.
The vacuum-casing is also made from grey cast (GG 25). The seal of the vacuum-casing is a high quality Viton-sealingring with a stainless steel spring. The sealing-ring is attached to special tubing, placed around the propeller.
This ensures long operating life! The propeller is specially made for operation in the harsh wastewater environment. It is made from a specially selected hard bronzealloy, and is virtually wearfree. The propeller is shaped to prevent blockages and build up of surface deposits. Thus, free flow from the propeller maintains air-water mixing and trouble-free, continuous operation.

TURBO-JET floating version

The floating version of the Turbo-Jet is the easiest to use. This sewage aerator is supplied ready for use. The aeration mechanism and the float form a compact unit, securely fitted together. The float has handles for the easy carrying and installing of the aerator, without a hoist. Handling is easy and simple. The float is hollow, and very robustly made from polyethylene. In fact, it is so tough that foam-filling is unnecessary, unlike floats made from GRP ! The floating version of Turbo-Jet is ideal for increasing capacity or retrofitting, but also for Original Equipment Manufacturers. Providing there is a suitable existing electricity supply, no further installation is necessary.
The floating Turbo-Jet is simply lifted onto the water, pulled into the desired position with the high-grade steel ropes, and anchored to the side (for example with pegs). Then, it is only a matter of connecting to the power source. Easy, fast and economical. Consider the savings made by avoiding the cost of installation (except the power point). The floating version of Turbo-Jet has been working reliabely at dozens of treatment plants for many


TURBO-JET with hinged, high-grade steel fixing The aerator mechanism is also made with a stainless steel bracket for attaching to existing structures (eg bridges). This design can be used for retrofits or OEM. Again, the aerator is supplied complete, ready for use. The aeration mechanism can be adjusted horizontally or vertically for optimal performance. The mounting brackets allow easy removal of the aerator mechanism for maintenance. The robust
stainless steel fixing pipe doubles as an air intake pipe. This Turbo-Jet version is most effective, and has the greatest oxygen transfer when the propeller operates 40 – 50 cm below the surface of the waste water. The brackets can be custom-made, if required to suit the available fixing points of the site


  * flexible and versatile
  * minimal energy-consumption
  *  optimal oxygen-enrichment
  *  optimal oxygen-enrichment
  *  best possible circulation
  * low capital cost – quickly amortised
  * Easily serviced
  * no complicated installation
  * no installation of air-pipes

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