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Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring, Control and Alarm

New, compact, fixed oxygen monitoring and control system
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 Aqua-Control One.  Compact and plug-and-play easy to operate push-button display tried-and-tested, robust Dryden probe


The Linn company has manufactured effective oxygen monitoring and control systems with 4 or more probes for many years. During this time, our customers have often asked us to produce a reliable, but cheap device to measure dissolved oxygen in a single pond.
This new system, the Aqua-Control One, is the answer !


It is delivered complete and ready for use. At the heart of the system is the control unit, which is enclosed in a splash-proof enclosure. This can easily be hung in the desired position. Then, all that is necessary is to connect to the power supply (230v), and suspend the oxygen probe in the pond or water to be monitored. The display will show the current dissolved oxygen level, in percentage saturation, continuously.


The oxygen probe is the tried-and-tested Dryden model, and comes complete with 7metres of cable and plug. This means it can be fitted or exchanged quickly. Once the probe has been calibrated in air (which only takes a few minutes) it is then submerged in the water to be monitored, and instantly gives a reading.


The control unit has inbuilt relay capacity for the connection of two devices. For example, these could be an alarm system, or standby aerator. With the 3 buttons of the user-friendly display, it is easy to set the low and high levels for the alarm, or switch the aerator, or other equipment.


Linn’s Aqua-Control One offers an inexpensive, ready-to-use, durable solution for the monitoring of dissolved oxygen and control of equipment in ponds. Also suitable and affordable for Hobby- and koi pond owners, with the reassurance that it has been field-tested by expert fish farmers.
AquaControl One is compact and portable and therefore flexible. It can be moved around to where it is most needed at the time, if it is not possible to monitor every pond.

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